Industrial vision automating quality control


Vision systems can offer fast, accurate and repeatable inspection capabilities at a highly competitive cost.

They can introduce automation into the production process at a number of different levels, from simply speeding up the inspection process to levels not possible using human inspectors through to being an integral part of a statistical process control system that can identify when a manufacturing process is moving out of specification.

While using vision as a final inspection process on finished product can ensure no defect product reaches the end-user, using it earlier in the process can bring real added value by bringing improved quality throughout the process, major savings in waste, improved process efficiency through energy saving and possibly all three! 

A good way of understanding just how vision can make a difference is to take a look at examples from three very different industries:

INDUSTRY 1 - Automotive Engine Assembly

INDUSTRY 2 - Plastic Moulded Components in the Food and Beverage Industry

INDUSTRY 3 - Medical Dressing Materials 

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